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live, guide, and hunt in the West. So, my writing revolves around the Western species such as elk, mule deer, and my favorite species to hunt, the Coues White-tailed deer.

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Although born in Colorado, Darren Choate has lived in Arizona for 38 years. The majority of his childhood years were spent as a young hunter growing up in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona. After his high school graduation, Darren served his country in the US Air Force, and then returned to Arizona to attend Northern Arizona University, where he earned a Bachelors of Environmental Science and a Masters of Educational Technology. Happily married, he and his wife have two wonderful sons, and now make their home in northern Arizona.

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My Dad gave me my first SLR camera shortly after I graduated from high school. At the time, understanding aperture and shutter-speed was way over my head.

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